Carpal Tunnel and Neuropathy

EMG Studies


An EMG is the only proven way to diagnose carpal tunnel, neuropathy and other nerve conditions. We perform these studies daily at our office.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the latest treatment option in regenerative medicine that helps the body heal at a much more efficient and quicker level. We have developed treatment protocols for symptoms associated with neuropathy, nerve injuries, Lymes disease, headaches, head trauma, athletic recovery and much more!

Acoustic Wave Therapy


Acoustic wave therapy is used for the treatment of carpal tunnel and neuropathy by breaking up scar tissue that is causing dysfunction through nerve compression.

Class IV Laser Therapy


Now available at the Powers Health Center, we have the largest laser unit in the state of Pennsylvania; meaning shorter treatment times and the most effective treatment available.

Laser therapy is an advanced therapy which stimulates tissue repair and pain relief, showing great results with the relief of nerve pain and regeneration of blood supply to damaged nerves.


Learn how Powers Chiropractic's carpal tunnel treatments allowed John to cancel his previously scheduled surgery and get on track to living pain-free with better range of motion after each treatment!