Neck Pain and Headaches



Chiropractic is the gold standard in alleviating pressure of the joints of the neck that are associated with tension headaches and migraines.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown to be a very effective in the treatment of chronic migraines and headaches by increasing the oxygen to the brain and tissues which alleviates tension and pressure of the body.

Cervical Decompression


Cervical Decompression is a gentle therapy that takes pressure off of the discs, joints and muscles of the neck region. This treatment increases the nutrients utilized by tissues of the neck increasing the healing rate and range of motion, while decreasing pain.

Class IV Laser Therapy


Now available at the Powers Health Center, we have the largest laser unit in the state of Pennsylvania; meaning shorter treatment times and the most effective treatment available.

Laser therapy is an advanced therapy that stimulates tissue repair and pain relief.


Learn how the team at Powers Chiropractic quickly healed up Dan's neck and shoulder and got him back to doing things he never thought possible.