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Carpal Tunnel and Neuropathy


We are the only conservative care clinic in Central Pennsylvania that offers the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel and other neuropathic conditions. Dr. Powers is certified to perform EMG studies.

Shoulder Pain


Dr. Luke is our shoulder specialist, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of shoulder injuries in which she became interested due to her illustrious college career of Rugby in Ontario, Canada.

Knee Pain


 After suffering multiple knee injuries during his college soccer career at Marywood University Dr. Powers has devoted his focus to the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries.

TMJ Dysfunction


Dr. Powers II and Dr. Powers III work together to provide diagnosis of TMJ dysfunction as well as treatment that has been proven and effective. This treatment uses multiple modalities that have shown to promote healing and give patients a better quality of life.

Back Pain


Back pain is the most common condition in our society today, we treat a wide variety of back conditions with multiple treatment options and great results.

Neck Pain and Headaches


With our busy society today there is a drastic increase in neck pain and headaches. We have many treatment options for both neck issues and headaches.

DOT and Wellness Physicals


Dr. Powers is a certified medical examiner and will perform physicals on patients needing certification for their drivers license, DOT certification and general wellness.

Babies to Grandmas and Grandpas



Comprehensive care for many conditions across all stages of life

ranging from babies and pregnancy to grandparents.